The Hottest TV Series – Games of Throne Season 7

Watching Games of Throne Season 7 is really wonderful, Who would not love this superb tv series, in case you do not know the whole world is watching and to give you an idea a single site which I know gets 20k traffic in just a single day coming from France. Imagine that. There are more than 50 million people watching around the globe. I wonder how much money HB0 is making per episode maybe I would have to check this online in order for us to know the basic amount of money they have made for a single series.

According to Forbes the prior to Season 7 of Game Of Thrones’ it cost more than 11 millions in one single episode but did somebody knows the gross income from the spending. This is like a movie per episode. First initial airing of Season 5 gets 8 million viewers, for season 6 gets more than 12 million viewers and this season 7 gets more than 20 million viewers.

They are not enough with this after the Season 7 there is still another one the last chapter of the Games of Throne Seasons. Just for the record it’s the most watch TV series around the world. But the one who makes the money is the HBO since they have the full rights only to air it. No other channel to air it. It’s only exclusive for them.

Now this is the most awesome thing you know why they have continue produce another season because of the money they have made. It’s more than 1.8 billion dollars in profit because it’s really popular. Season 6 has more than 500,000 customers signing up for the service. Now what do you think for the Season 7 for sure it’s more than a million

So in case if you have no idea what to watch for any TV series perhaps you give them a though. It’s make money because, the series is really good. From what you can read from my review for sure you will get convince because it’s crazy popular. You have to watch it now, lots of people can’t wait for it. The Episode one just release and now they are looking for the release of the episode 2. You know that it’s not easy to wait. But they have to and also if you are thinking that you can watch it in advance online forget it , you cannot find any advance streaming of any episode. IF you want to know more story or review of Games of Thrones Season 7 you can always search it online or you can head directly in this GOT 7 site.