Capcom Announcement! — Good or bad?

If ever there was a game that one could play through entirely without becoming bored, that game is Code Veronica. The cinematic genius contained in Capcom’s masterpiece reaches heights rarely attained by videogames. The story was so engrossing, the suspense so real, and the action so compelling that many gamers found themselves unable to put down the controller until they had reached the end. Other titles in the Resident Evil series have been critically acclaimed as well, but none of them were as visually impressive as the Dreamcast’s own Code Veronica.

Blending exploration and puzzle solving with frantic shooting and gratuitous violence, Code Veronica pits players against the evil Tyrell Corporation and legions of the undead. Oh, and did we mention the monsters? Hollywood take note: The monsters in Code Veronica are among the most terrifying monsters ever created. Once upon a time, it appeared that Hollywood had taken note: George Romero was planning to bring this masterpiece to the big screen. Alas, red tape and studio delays caused the venerable director to quit the project.

Resident Evil might never make it to the big screen, but thanks to an announcement from Capcom, gamers will be able to relive the terror they felt when they first played Code Veronica. Capcom has announced that, in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Biohazard series, it will be releasing Biohazard Code Veronica Complete (the Japanese name for Resident Evil: Code Veronica Complete) for the Dreamcast and the PlayStation2 in Japan on March 22, 2001. The game will be an enhanced version of Code Veronica, containing several new elements like new dialogue, events and graphics that weren’t in the original version.

Those are all the details we have so far about this new version of Code Veronica, but stay tuned to Sega Radar for more information on this breaking news as it develops.

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